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Posted: Oct 18, 2019
Oakland, California Competitive
Part-time & Full-time 80310556913/73479314016

JOB SUMMARY:  Primary functions include being a First Responder to emergency situations at the Healthcare facility assigned facilities.  Makes periodic tours to secure areas, provide customer service, mitigate behavioral sudden occurrences, deter crimes, and check for irregularities and to inspect protection devices and fire control equipment.  Preserves order and may enforce regulations pertaining to personnel, visitors, and premises.  Responds to unusual or emergency situations using appropriate escalation of force level up to and including armed response as dictated by the situation and protocol.  Assist with the functions of physical and personal security and safety measures of members, patients, staff, and visitors. Protects staff and property from theft or damage, or persons from hazards or interference, including the potential for violence in the workplace. 


Distinguishing Characteristics:

Primarily performs non-exempt duties in a service capacity; may be assigned a service grade or rank in a chain of command in conformance with contract requirements or to facilitate the delivery of service according to business necessity.



  • The functions listed describe the business purpose of this job or position.  Specific duties or tasks may vary and be documented separately.  An associate might or might not be required to perform all functions listed. Additional duties may be assigned, and functions may be modified, according to business necessity.
  • All assigned duties or tasks are deemed to be part of the essential functions, unless such duties or tasks are unrelated to the functions listed, in which case they are deemed to be other (non-essential) functions.
  • Associates are held accountable for successful job performance.  Job performance standards may be documented separately, and may include functions, objectives, duties or tasks not specifically listed herein.
  • In performing functions, duties or tasks, associates are required to know and follow safe work practices, and to be aware of company policies and procedures related to job safety, including safety rules and regulations.  Associates are required to notify superiors upon becoming aware of unsafe working conditions.
  • All functions, duties or tasks are to be carried out in an honest, ethical and professional manner, and to be performed in conformance with applicable company policies and procedures.  In the event of uncertainty or lack of knowledge of company policies and procedures, associates are required to request clarification or explanations from superiors or authorized company representatives.


  1. Proper handling of routine and emergency incidents detrimental to the security and safety of the facility, patients, staff and employees.
  2. Responds to unusual or emergency situations using the appropriate escalation of force level up to and including armed response following established protocol for the site and as dictated by the situation, by the company, and through required training and licensing; maintains proficiency in the use of all assigned protective equipment, restraint devices and weapons as required.
  3. Controls access to client facility through the admittance process; assists visitors with a legitimate need to gain entry to the facility; screens members, visitors and client employees in a proficient manner in order to expedite their admittance to the facility, as needed and when prescribed.
  4. Provides an atmosphere in which all client employees and visitors know that the client responds to and cares about their needs; provides a courteous, respectful and pleasant interaction with each client employee and visitor as perceived from their point of view; presents a good image of the client and its security department. Maintains and displays good public relations skills when interacting with patients, visitors, and staff.
  5. Communicates in a manner that is open, honest and responsive in all situations; to the extent authorized, provides information regarding the facility and surrounding area as requested by visitors. 
  6. Monitors entrances and exits; prevents unapproved or unlawful entry; controls entrances, the movement of people and vehicles, and parking; operates a gate and examines vehicle contents; monitors remote entrances using closed circuit television; operates remote access devices; in a calm manner directs persons who cause a disturbance to leave the property.
  7. Patrols assigned site on foot or on/in a vehicle; checks for unsafe conditions, hazards, unlocked doors, security violations, blocked ingress and egress, mechanical problems, and unauthorized persons; inspects buildings and grounds using appropriate equipment and protective gear. 
  8. Protects evidence or scene of incident in the event of accidents, emergencies, or security investigations; sets up barriers and signage, and provides direction or information to others.
  9. Prepares logs or reports as required for post; writes or types reports or enters information in a computer using standard grammar; inspects security control logs and takes action as required.
  10. Observes and reports incidents or suspicious activity to client representatives, company management, life/safety personnel or public safety authorities as appropriate for the circumstances and/or as required by the post.
  11. Responds to incidents of disaster, healthcare facility emergency codes, fire, medical emergency, bomb threat, flooding, water discharge, elevator emergency, hazardous material event, inclement weather, and other incidents or conditions following procedures established for post, by the company, or through training or certification.
  12. Accurately logs and maintains the Lost and Found department log while adhering to the stated restrictions as they appear in the departmental manual.  Assures that all property removal is conducted within appropriate policy requirements and in accord with client standards; identifies client products or materials among items carried by client employees or visitors.
  13. Age-Related Competency: Has demonstrated knowledge of and competence in age-related patient care, as defined and documented in the facility standards.
  14. Workplace Safety: Is aware of and works within healthcare facility and departmental safety guidelines, including reporting potential hazards and hazardous behavior. Uses appropriate body mechanics and lifting devices, as needed, for all work assignments.
  15. Meets or exceeds annual or bi-annual clinical/employee health screening requirements
  16. Carries out specific tasks and duties of a similar nature and scope as required for the assigned post.


Additional qualifications may be specified and receive preference, depending upon the nature of the position.

The incumbent must be able to perform each essential function satisfactorily. The requirements below are representative of necessary knowledge, skill, and ability.



Must be at least 18 years of age

Must have a reliable means of communication (i.e., pager or phone)

Must have a reliable means of transportation (public or private)

Must have the legal right to work in the United States

Must have the ability to speak, read, and write English

Must have a High School Diploma or GED. If not, must be willing to complete the GED program within six months

Must be willing to participate in the Company’s pre-employment screening process, including drug screen and background investigation



Must have valid Government issued Driver’s License or valid state issued I.D. card, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services Certification or Guard Card.  


Must be able to meet and continue to meet any applicable state, county and municipal licensing and permit requirements for armed security work and specific protective device and weapons qualifications



Ability to read and interpret documents such as police reports, local and state law, instructions and procedure manuals.  Ability to write accurate, clear and concise crime, incident and investigative reports.  Ability to communicate effectively with patients, medical staff, employees and visitors. 



Security, military, or law enforcement related experience required.


Competencies (as demonstrated through experience, training, and/or testing):

  • Must be able to meet and continue to meet any applicable state, county and municipal licensing and permit requirements for armed security work and specific protective device and weapons qualifications
  • Knowledge of or ability to learn security operations and procedures.
  • Pass each healthcare competency exam and/or skills lab including a managing or defusing assaultive behavior training program or similar course as described by the client
  • Ability to carry out instructions furnished in written, oral, or diagrammatic form.
  • Ability to be an effective team member.
  • Ability to maintain professional composure when dealing with unusual circumstances.
  • Courteous telephone manner.
  • Ability to adapt to changes in the external environment and organization.
  • Ability to write routine correspondence, including logs and reports.
  • Good organizational skills.
  • Ability to provide high quality customer service.
  • Good interpersonal skills, with the ability to interact effectively at various social levels and across diverse cultures.
  • Must be able to meet and continue to meet International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety Basic Training Certification prior to beginning assignment or similar course as described by the client.
  • Must be able to meet and continue to meet International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety Advanced  Training Certification prior to beginning assignment or similar course as described by the client.
  • Must be able to meet and continue to meet Personal Safety Training Incorporated AVADE Workplace Violence Program or a similar course as described by the client.
  • Must meet and continue to meet the Emergency Department Operations Training as developed by the client.
  • Must be able to use weapons screening tools such as walk-through and portable metal detectors and ensure appropriate screening of high risk visitors.
  • Must be able and willing to engage with diverse patient/customer populations and use physical control techniques taught to subdue and manage aggressive and or disruptive behavior.
  •  Must have the ability to verbally deescalate psychiatric and or suicidal patients with minimal supervision. 
  • Must be able to mentor, train and manage subordinates in a high stress environment.


Working Conditions and Physical/Mental Demands

With or without reasonable accommodation, a candidate must have the physical and mental capacity to effectively perform all essential functions described.  In addition to other demands, the demands of the job include:

  • Maintaining composure in dealing with authorities, executives, clients, staff and the public, occasionally under conditions of urgency and in pressure situations.
  • May be exposed to stressful situations, such as challenging individuals who are in or approaching an unauthorized area.
  • Must undergo and meet company standards for background and reference checks, controlled substance testing, and behavioral selection survey, in addition to any mandatory licensing requirements.
  • May be required to work overtime without advance notice.
  • Required ability to handle multiple tasks concurrently.
  • Keyboarding, basic computer usage and operating controls.
  • Seeing, hearing, speaking, and writing clearly in order to communicate with employees and clients, observe and report incidents, and direct others.
  • Frequent sitting, standing and walking, which may be required for long periods of time, and may involve climbing stairs and walking up inclines and on uneven terrain.
  • Occasional reaching with hands and arms, stooping, kneeling, crouching and crawling.
  • Frequent lifting and/or moving up to 75 pounds and occasional lifting and/or moving up to 160 pounds.
  • Occasional lifting of immobilized or combative patients/visitors and KP employees from the ground.
  • Occasional restraining of combative patients and or visitors using taught physical control techniques by themselves or until help arrives.
  • Must be able to lay on your side on the ground and from that position quickly move to a standing position on your feet without using hands and in two seconds or less.
  • Must be able to detain, and have control of a patient or visitor laying on the ground on their stomach to a standing position without losing control of patient or their arms or weapon. 
  • Close vision, distance vision, and ability to adjust focus.
  • May be required to use vehicle for the performance of duties. 
  • On occasion may be required to perform stressful and physical activity. 
  • Depending upon assignment may be exposed to inclement weather or be required to work in environments or under conditions that require the use of protective gear and devices and/or awareness of personal safety and safety of others.
  • May be exposed to or required to handle sensitive and confidential information.
  • While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to use hands to finger, handle, or feel objects, tools, or controls; reach with hands and arms; and talk or hear.
  • Must be able to move quickly throughout the Healthcare facility and physically restrain people by physically holding the individual down and then be able to also carry or lift the individual with other healthcare facility staff members.
  • The ability to maintain mental stability under periods of stress.   The ability to push or pull gurneys with patients of various weights on them.
  • Works in environments and under conditions that require carrying authorized weapons and ammunition, the use of protective gear and devices, and awareness of personal safety and safety of others.
  • The duties of this job include possible exposure to deadly weapons, injury from violent persons, infectious persons, gases and fumes, blood and body fluids, hazardous chemicals, heat, wind, rain and cold; the employee must understand and demonstrate the ability to take protective actions, following established guidelines.  The noise level in the work environment can vary from extreme noise to extreme quiet.


Classification History

Reviewed and Updated 01/12 (pdw)

Updated to reflect the new structure 05/17 (ps/rm)


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